Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Squirey Hopjump in Breakfast at Backyardy's

This morning Ms. Squirey Hopjump came for breakfast in the backyard.

She modeled for me from as close as 3 ft for this photo shoot.

This was when I saw she had invited herself for breakfast.

"Oooh... my side's itchy"

Gives me the "What? You want me to go away half way through my breakfast?" look. So I had to tell her not to. :P

There she is coming back.

"No paper napkin, so pardon my messy hands and mouth"

"I think I hear the kids calling... gotta go! see ya later..."

Here's a little video clip:


Meera said...

how cute!! this was the best time wasn't it? being with beautiful creatures in nature! :) thank you for putting these pictures up!

Kanan said...

Totally! :D I am trying to edit the video I recorded so I can add it on here.

Thanks for your comment.

aneri_masi said...

Hey Kanan, just saw a couple posts in this blog of yours. Lovely pictures! Especially love the framing of the pics of SF!

And, I got the same camera!

Kanan said...

Hi Kashmira, thank you for your comment and kind words.
You mentioned framing the photos, now which SF photos were these in particular? I'm still learning this art of photography and would like to know more experienced photographer's views on my attempts. :) thanks again for stopping by.