Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Peach-picking in Brentwood, CA

By the time we decided to go cherry-picking in East Bay (that's the eastern side of land of the San Francisco bay) this year, it was aleady too late for cherry-picking but we were fortunate enough to find a few farms that allowed us to pick fruits like peaches, plums, and nectarines that have longer season than cherries. Cherry-picking is the most famous activity in summer in Brentwood, CA. People travel from far away to come and pick the fruits while eating them as they browse through the farms on a hot summer day.

Driving from hwy 580 onto North Vasco road, the hills are literally covered with windmills.

Some of the fruit is still raw waiting for the heat to ripen it as the season progresses.

A peach I picked and ate. It was very sweet. :)

This farm has rows and rows of trees like these.

Some peaces were too ripe and fell off on the ground from the tree. Too bad they never make it to a basket and in someone's tummy.

The stall where you pay for the fruits you picked. You don't pay for the ones you already ate, those are free. :D

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AmiDA said...

wow! i love peaches!!!!! :)
it sure looks utterly delicious, the one in your hand :)